Our successful education department is in touch with over 300 international and Dutch schools nationwide. Yearly over 2000 students at primary and secondary level are involved in STET education programmes. Theatre edcuation has proved to be a unique way of learning, gaining insights in drama techniques, storytelling, communication and most importantly learing about oneself.
Since 2013 STET Education offers workshops and performances at schools or in the theatre, and since 2016 we also have open workshops for individuals led by international performers. We highly value the direct contact with teachers, students and audience members. 

For more information and bookings, please get in contact us at  
or +31 6 20 43 1919

What we offer

  • Professional theatre makers
  • native English speakers
  • high level experience and fun
  • flexibility
  • CJP (Cultuurkaart)
  • help with funding the programmes

 Periodic Activities
(Only to book in a specific period)
cry havoc thumbnail19 - 20 April 2018
Theatre as a Teacher and a Healer Workshop (16+ yrs)

by Stephan Wolfert (USA)
Stephan left his career in the military for a life in the theatre after seeing Shakespeare's Richard III. He is an inspiring teacher, workshop leader and actor spreading the word about how Shakespeare's wisdom can change our lives.  
More information about this workshop will follow soon. 

msndFri 20 and Mon 23 April 2018
A Midsummer Night's Dream Performance (5 - 12 yrs)
By Infinte Jest TC (UK)
The inventive Infinite Jest Theatre Company will return with their new performance, A Midsummer Night's Dream for children. Conjuring Theseus' court, the magical forest and the volatile fairy world, using 5 actors, physical theatre, live music, song and dance, puppetry and audience participation. 

inf jest wsFri 20 and Mon 23 April 2018
Physical Theatre and Improvisation Workshop (5 - 12 yrs)
By Infinte Jest TC (UK)
This workshop is designed to introduce fun, imaginative drama techniques, build confidence in listening and speaking and to explore different ways of telling stories. The workshop leaders are trained actors with experience in teaching drama. 
Location: your school

infinite jest workshopFri 20 and Mon 23 April 2018
Physical Theatre and Improvisation Workshop (12 - 18 yrs)
By Infinte Jest TC (UK)
Your students will discover how to use their bodies creatively to invent characters, devise physical sequences and work as an ensemble to tell stories. They will explore some fantastic improvisational games and techniques to enable them to become brilliant, original story tellers. 
Location: your school

macbeth workshop 4Fri 7 September 2018
The Merchant of Venice -
Open-Air Shakespeare Workshop

More information about this outdoors activity will follow soon. Save the date. 

 Permanent Activities
(to book year-round)
Caja´s Magical Storytelling (2-11 yrs)
Sept 2017 - July 2018
with Caja van der Poel
Caja’s stories are full of magic, rich imagery and
heartfelt content. In the middle of a day spent learning with our head, we take a breath and learn with our heart.

"The universe is not made of atoms, it's made of tiny stories" 

Monsters 3Monsters & Monarchs (16 - 26 yrs)
Sept 2017 - July 2018
by the Ginger Shakespeare Company
This brand new Shakespeare performance covers no less than ten history plays, following the crown through generations of monarchs. Or monsters. That all depends on your point of view. In a time of fake news and twitter-politics, Monsters & Monarchs takes a look at history through the eyes of The Bard. 

Storytelling and Identity Workshop (14-26 yrs)
Sept 2017 - July 2018
with Raphael Rodan & Sahand Sahebdivani
"Of course you fear me... you don't know who I am."
Our lives are made of stories.
The stories of our parents and the stories of our land, our culture and our nation define us and form our identity. These stories help us bond with some people but can also create a wall, separating us from others...

my father eduMy Father Held a Gun performance (16+ yrs) 
January 2018 - December 2018
Storytellers Raphael Rodan and Sahand Sahebdivani are close friends who come from enemy countries, Iran and Israel. In My Father Held a Gun they decide to confront their past, being the sons of two men who lived through wars and revolutions. Do they measure up to the examples that were set by their ancestors? 
Location: at your school 

drama for teachersNEW!
Drama for Teachers 

January 2018 - July 2019
During this English language drama workshop you will learn valuable drama techniques to incorporate into your classes.  This workshop is aimed to give you ready-to-use tools to make your classes more inclusive, fun and interactive. It is also great for team-building and to have a lot of fun together. You can make a pre-booking already and suggest dates that firt your school at 


Hurray! STET Education delagation journeyed to Ezcaray Spain with fellow European artists to learn from one another, exchanging wisdom, laughter and a passion for arts education.  
Project "Peerform it" was a great success! 

Curious about the programme in 2016?
Click here for Evaluation 2016

Some schools we worked with so far are... American School of The Hague, British School The Hague, Dalton Den Haag, Dalton Voorburg, Edith Stein College (The Hague), Europen School Bergen, European School The Hague, Groningse Schoolvereniging, Haarlemmermeer Lyceum, Het College (Weert), Het Nieuwe Eemland (Amersfoort), HSV (van Nijenrodestraat and Nassaulaan in The Hague), International School of Amsterdam, International School Delft, International School Eerde (Ommen), International School Groningen, International School of The Hague, OSG West-Friesland (Hoorn), RSG Magister Alvinus (Sneek), Segbroek College (The Hague), Sint-Maartenscollege (Voorburg), Trinitas College (Heerhugowaard)... 

Macbeth 2  Macbeth workshopPunch 1  gg

 Our education photographer is: Agnieszka Wielopolska (

Interesting facts about STET
Did you know, that...

  • STET The English Theatre is the ONLY theatre production company in the Netherlands which
    programmes throughout the year exclusively in English.
  • STET Education welcomed in 2017 more than 1200 students from all over the Netherlands.
  • Our education surveys show a 95% "Extremely satisfied" result.

 What teachers said about us:

" The workshops were really well suited to the age group and the children had a wonderful time. All the children were engaged in the activities, and all the children could take part - even those with very little English. We are looking forward to doing some of the exercises again to help with the theme of cooperation and working together." (Tailor-made Interactive Workhsops, 5 Feb 2018, Lucy Fawcett, International School Delft)

"It was a successful workshop that motivated and inspired our students with the Robin Hood project. Your actors were friendly, fun, approachable and set the tone for an enjoyable experience.  Some students who were apprenhensive beforehand (nervous or not interested) reported that they were pleasantly surprised and enjoyed it." (Tailor-made Robin Hood Workshops, 9-11 Jan 2018, Joanna Vervaat-Gosse - English teacher at OSG West Friesland, Hoorn)

"I really loved this workshop and learned a lot myself - and the students learned a lot.  I found the lessons and stories quite sophisticated and thought Year 7 was perfect but Years 8 and 9 would also benefit. Caja is brilliant and we were really fortunate to have her with us!" (Caja's Magical Storytelling, 2-11-2017, Amy Foster - English teacher at International School of The Hague)

“My students thoroughly enjoyed the performance of Macbeth by Infinite Jest.  It was pitched at a great level for secondary students with some prior knowledge of the play.  The company had adapted the play in an imaginative and creative way making the original language really come to life.  My students particularly liked the use of sound effects, puppets and some audience participation.  They were engaged throughout and had lots to say about it afterwards.  We hope we can see another performance next year!” (Infinite Jest Performance, 20-05-2016, Clare Calton -  English teacher, European School The Hague)

"We have asked our students what they thought of the performance and the workshop and they were all very positive. Even though the language was hard to follow for some of our students, they enjoyed it and they have recommended us to do things like this again with future groups." (The Taming of the Shrew Open-Air Workshop, September 2015)

"All the children loved the workshops and were full of enthusiasm for Shakespeare and English afterwards. The actors gave 100% effort and motivated and educated our students in drama and in the unique writing of Shakespeare. Many thanks!" (General Shakespeare Workshops, April 2015)

"The reactions I got from my students were: splendid, very enjoyable, entertaining, educational; some had never thought they could write a poem in English and perform it." (Devon Glover, November 2014)

"We will definitely keep up to date with your performances and would like to have something next year. Keep in touch and thank you." (The Steadfast Tin Soldier, January 2014)